About Me

raven the cat enjoying keeping me company while I'm working on Crazy Cat Collection

I’ve spent quite a bit of my life working on websites and living with cats so I thought starting an online store for cat-themed gifts would be a great way to combine both!

It’s often hard to find nice, affordable gifts for friends and family (or yourself) so I’ve put together a range of cat-themed products that’ll be sure to please all the crazy cat people out there. I’ve done quite a bit of shopping to find gifts that I think lots of people will like – I know I enjoyed buying them. I don’t hold a lot of stock, but if I see something sells well I’ll get more stock in.

I’ve got two of my own cats – Raven (pictured on the right) and Raspberry (she’s camera shy). Raven was totally wild when she came to me and used to bite and scratch anyone who managed to get near her.  She was eventually adopted out but after 5 weeks she hadn’t improved at all and was returned to me  She’s now the sweetest cat you can imagine and I’m so glad she’s my foster fail. Raspberry was found in bad shape and was treated by the wonderful staff at Pakuranga Vets. She needed a home and I took her in. She’s a bit quirky so she fits right in here 🙂

I used to foster cats for the Lonely Miaow Association (now I volunteer doing some of their database admin) and it’s a cause dear to my heart. I’ll be donating a percentage of all my profits to them so that they can keep on working hard to save stray and abandoned cats and kittens around Auckland. Please note that this website is not affiliated with Lonely Miaow Association in any way and remains solely my responsibility. You can visit their website at www.lonelymiaow.co.nz.