Cat Rescue

I used to foster cats and kittens for the Lonely Miaow Association, but now I’m helping out with the database admin due to my fulltime job. One day I’ll get back into fostering! It’s an incredibly rewarding job being able to help save so many cats that would otherwise most probably have died from illness or starvation out on the streets. We’ve rehomed hundreds of kitties but still have a few hundred in foster care – some adults have been with their fosters for ages. We have no time limit on finding homes for our kitties – they stay in foster care until the right person comes along to give them a chance. Could you be that special someone?

We’re bursting at the seams at the moment and have so many felines up for adoption – check them out on the LM webpage which I have embedded below. You can also view the cats on the Lonely Miaow Facebook page here. Also, you can visit the amazing pet store, PetStock, if you’d like to adopt a Lonely Miaow cat. They do not sell any cats anymore, they only adopt out our cats and do not make any profit from this. If all pet stores did this there would be way fewer people profiting from selling cats for a quick buck – ADOPT DON’T SHOP.